Historical Groundwater Management

To address the imbalance between groundwater recharge and discharge, a representative group of stakeholders called the Basin Advisory Panel (BAP) developed a Groundwater Management Plan (GMP) in 2014 to locally and voluntarily manage groundwater resources.

The GMP identified non-regulatory measures to support all beneficial uses, including human, agriculture, and ecosystems, in an environmentally sound, economical, and equitable manner for present and future generations.

To achieve this effort, the BAP determined seven management components to ensure implementation achieves the goals and objectives: Stakeholder involvement, monitoring program and modeling, groundwater protection, increased conservation and efficiency, increased groundwater recharge, increased water recycling, and integrated groundwater management. The BAP’s final meeting was held in August, 2017. The work of the BAP serves as a critical foundation for the Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Plan.