What is the Groundwater Users Information Data Exchange?

Groundwater in the Santa Rosa Plain is an important shared resource. State law requires that communities protect their groundwater to make sure it’s clean and available for all users today and in the future.

To comply with this state law, the Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) was formed in June 2017. In July 2019, the GSA adopted a structure to determine fees to fund the important work of the GSA, including preparing a Groundwater Sustainability Plan to ensure that the groundwater in our basin will be clean and available long into the future.

While you are not currently required to pay a fee to cover the work of the GSA, you may be in the future (beginning in 2022). Future fees will be calculated using data based on assumptions and estimates of wells and groundwater use for all parcels in the Santa Rosa Plain. (For more information on why a fee is needed, click here.)

We have used data from the Santa Rosa Plain GSA Rate Study Report (www.santarosaplaingroundwater.org/finances/fee) to make assumptions about your parcel’s groundwater use. You can view, correct, or confirm the data we have assumed for your property by reviewing the steps below and completing the Groundwater Users Information Data Exchange (GUIDE) survey or by calling the GUIDE information line at
(707) 243-8555.

The information collected by filling out the survey is confidential and private, will improve information on groundwater in our region, be used only for the purposes of sustainable groundwater management, and will not be disclosed unless required by law.

Does your property qualify for the Groundwater Users Information Data Exchange?

First, determine whether or not your property is located in the Santa Rosa Plain basin

    1. After accepting the Use Disclaimer~ Terms and Conditions, use the map located to the right to enter the APN or address of parcel into the search bar at the top left of the map.
    2. If your property intersects with the blue area, your property is included in the GSA’s jurisdiction. You can view, correct, or confirm the data we have assumed for your property by completing the GUIDE survey.
    3. If no portion of your property intersects with the blue area, your property is NOT included in the  GSA’s jurisdiction. No further action is needed.

Your property qualifies for the Groundwater Users Information Data Exchange:

  1. After using the GSA interactive map to search for your parcel using the APN or address, view and click on your parcel to reveal an information screen.
  2. Review the information the GSA has on file associated with your property. (Additional resources to locate parcel information can be found further below.)  If parcel information is correct, owners can:
    1. Do nothing
    2. Provide the GSA with additional details to improve groundwater information in our region by completing the 30-40 minute GUIDE survey to add additional information or correct information.

      Please note, this form must be completed in full (DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER). Answers cannot be saved to return to later.

      We recommend assembling all necessary resource materials (see bulleted list below) before starting the survey.

    3. Next, review your groundwater information. Resource materials needed could include:
      • Property owner contact information
      • APN (Search parcel information here)
      • If the parcel uses groundwater from a nearby parcel, the APN or address of that parcel
      • Groundwater user category (commercial, rural residential, agriculture, etc.)
      • Water sources (groundwater well, public water, recycled water, etc., including the number of active and inactive wells on the property)
      • Well depth, if known
      • Site map or aerial photo of the parcel with all active well locations
      • If the well uses surface water, the estimated amount of surface water used annually
      • If the well uses surface water and the diversion is registered, the registration, water right application, or license number
      • Estimated amount of land (square footage) that is irrigated
      • If well is used for agricultural irrigation, information on type of crops and acreage
      • If well is used for commercial purposes, estimated gallons used annually and number of employees

Please note, DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER to complete the online survey. 

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If you prefer to fill out a hard copy of the survey, download and print the pdf GUIDE survey or visit the Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Agency. (Spanish survey)

Completed hard copies of the survey can be mailed to the following address:

Groundwater Users Information Data Exchange (GUIDE)
ATTN: Santa Rosa Plain GSA
2235 Mercury Way, Suite 105
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

If you have any additional questions, or need further assistance please call (707-243-8555) or email us at info@santarosaplaingroundwater.org.


To view the map in a separate tab, click here .

If you are interested in reviewing other available groundwater-related information associated with your property, the following webpages are available:

How to Search for a Well Log

For information about wells in the GSA basin, contact Well and Septic Permit & Resource Management Department, County of Sonoma by Phone (707) 565-2849 or visit them online at https://sonomacounty.ca.gov/PRMD/Eng-and-Constr/Well-and-Septic/Water-Wells

Well Permit No. Look-up

For record of well permits (requires parcel no.)

Permit Records Look-up
Provides some details of each permit for your property (requires parcel no. or permit no.)

Department of Water Resources’ well log web app https://dwr.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=181078580a214c0986e2da28f8623b37