Voluntary Groundwater Well Monitoring Program

It’s simple. It’s FREE.
Participate and you will get current, accurate data about the groundwater levels at your property.

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Now seeking property owners with wells in Santa Rosa Plain to participate in a local voluntary groundwater well monitoring program.

Participate in this program to:

Know how water depth changes over the course of the year and better understand how the groundwater system beneath your land responds to winter recharge and use over the dry months. In this long-term voluntary program, measurements will be taken in spring and fall over multiple years to reveal trends in response to recharge, pumping and climatic conditions.

Groundwater: a shared community resource

Participant data will be included in an online dashboard that shows current and historical water levels for the groundwater in your general vicinity, and that data will help inform sustainable management of groundwater for the region.

map showing the boundaries of the Santa Rosa Plain GSA

Spring measurements occur in April, fall measurements in October.

Sign up only takes a minute. We will follow up with you to get more technical details about your well.

Informational Webinar Monday August 19, 5-6 p.m.

In this session you will learn more about the current groundwater basin conditions, get a tour of the new Sonoma County Groundwater Data Dashboard, learn how the well monitor sounder device works and how to submit information to the online portal and more. If you already track water levels and are interested in submitting data, we will cover that too. These sessions will provide an opportunity for local well-owners to ask questions and learn more about the program.  If you can’t attend the webinar live, a recording will be available on this webpage after August 20.

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Monitoring water levels benefits well owners

Monitoring well water levels provides essential data to help well owners manage water resources. Monitoring groundwater levels helps to:

  • Prevent water quality issues that result from aquifer levels dropping below minimum thresholds
  • Support the health of ecosystems that depend on groundwater to supply streams with water
  • Protect the aquifers that our local economy depends on, including agriculture and tourism
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This program provides well owners:

  • Tools and training to collect groundwater level measurements from their well
  • Access to a data dashboard with seasonal and long-term groundwater level trends for your well
  • In some cases, receive groundwater salinity data for your well
  • Additional optional program to meter well water pumping to better understand demand of beneficial water use (coming soon)
  • Water-level data submitted through the program will become public information, but well owner information will remain private

Sonoma County Groundwater Data Dashboard – coming Summer 2024

  • View and interact with current and historical groundwater level measurements for the three GSA’s in Sonoma County
  • Groundwater level data available from the groundwater sustainability plan monitoring network
  • Volunteer wells will be added to the data hub as they are added to the program
  • Click on a well to view groundwater-level hydrographs revealing trends over time

Who is eligible to participate?

Residential and agricultural well owners in Sonoma County are welcome to sign up and then our staff will help you find out which program is the best fit for your location in the basin, the facilitated program or the DIY program. 

DIY Program

If your well is not in one of the high need zones, we encourage your participation in the DIY monitoring program which will include community workshops, written training materials and videos and a tool lending program.

Facilitated Program

If your well is in an area with patterns of decline, and an area designated high priority due to gaps in data, your well may be eligible to participate in the program where measurements are conducted for no charge to you by professionally trained technical staff.

Neighbors Working Together to Monitor Groundwater Levels

With California’s climate swinging from extended droughts to wet years...
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Coming Soon!

Links to resources and instructional guides

Information about workshops offered in the community

Watch a how-to video

Find where you can borrow a sonic water-level measurement tool

Additional Resources

Permit Sonoma: Water Wells Information

What about metering?

While monitoring gives you information about how much water is in your well, metering helps you know how much water you are using throughout the year.

In late 2024 we will introduce another optional feature to this program: Voluntary Well Metering. The program will involve support and resources from our staff related to efficient water use.